Life Drawing Art Course - 10 Weeks

Spit Junction, Sydney

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    Is drawing your passion? Are you confident in your drawing abilities? Then life drawing is the class for you! Perfect for anyone who wants to improve their technique and artistic ability to draw the human form. Explore the tonal values of light and shade and experiment with different mediums.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    This 10 week life drawing course is perfect for those people who are confident with their current artistic abilities, but would love to be tutored by an expert. Improve and advance your skills, as you draw a live model every week.

    The sketching times range from 1 to 60 minute intervals and are designed to enhance your perception skills through a variety of observation exercises.

    Explore the tonal values of light and shade and experiment with a variety of different mediums. Longer poses also help you to further develop your potential.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    This course runs for a period of 10 weeks and is held on Monday evenings from 7 – 9pm. Classes do not run on public holidays. Terms commence at various times throughout the year.

    Numbers on the Day

    To ensure individual attention, we operate with a maximum of 12 people in each class.


    This experience is not affected by the weather.

    Dress Code

    Casual and comfortable.

    Other Info

    Depending on the fall of public holidays throughout the year, the number of classes may be shortened.
    ... and Importantly


    Please bring to the class: A1 or A2 newsprint sketchpad, 2 large bulldog clips, Conte Crayons (black and terracotta), charcoal sticks, 1 biro or felt tip pen and coloured paper (optional).