Drawing and Painting Lessons - Beginners - 10 Weeks

Spit Junction, Sydney

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  • Unlock your hidden creative talents
  • Great for absolute beginners
  • Discover tricks in a fun environment

Ever wanted to learn how to draw? Do your pictures look like 'pre-school' art? Then this could be the course for you. Perfect for complete beginners who doubt that they have a single creative bone in their body. Discover new skills and have fun in a relaxed environment!

Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

This 10 week drawing and painting course is perfect for those people who doubt their creative abilities. Let us prove you wrong! We believe that everyone has the ability to draw and paint - it's just a matter of unlocking your hidden talent. All you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. We show you how to draw accurately and create expressive pictures using drawing materials like pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink.

We uncover the tricks of the trade through simple exercises and teach you to see and think like an artist. You will understand how perspective works and learn to create cartoon characters. Most importantly, you'll discover skills that you never thought you had in this fun and relaxed environment. Let the creative juices flow!
On the Day

Session Length

This course runs for a period of 10 weeks and is held on Wednesday evenings from 7 – 9pm. Terms start at various times throughout the year.

Numbers on the Day

To ensure individual attention, we operate with a maximum of 12 people in each class.


This experience is not affected by the weather.

Dress Code

Casual and comfortable.

Other Info

Come along with an open-mind and a willingness to learn! You will also be required to bring painting equipment to class. This is not needed at the first class and your tutor will discuss your equipment list and where to buy it, prior to the 'painting' class.
... and Importantly


Please bring to the class: A2 cartridge paper sketchbook & newsprint sketchpad, 2 large bulldog clips, 1 biro or felt tip pen, 2B & 6D lead pencils, a pencil Sharpener, ruler, an eraser and a kneadable eraser, 2 or 3 sticks of Conte Crayon (terracotta and black) and coloured pencils.