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Off road racing

Off road racing is all about doing things with a vehicle that seem impossible, driving up muddy slopes and careering into ditches. Push your 4WD to the limit or give our armoured car a pounding as you go off road. It's nerve wracking, sensational fun and you'll be improving your driving skills!

2 Results
2 Results

Off road racing and buggy experiences

Off road racing is about experiencing a whole new side to driving including getting off the beaten track and testing your limits on muddy slopes, sand dunes and putting pedal to metal in 4WD or a buggy. Step up to the driving challenge and prepare to experience the ultimate adventure. RedBalloon offers amazing off road buggy racing and performance car racing experiences, making it easier to find the right experience for you whether you’re looking for a package in your local city or whilst travelling.

A off road buggy or racing experience is also the perfect gift idea for the speed demon in your life. Whether they are celebrating a special occasion like their birthday, Christmas or any other milestone event, these off road drives are enriching experiences they will always remember. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special or you want to challenge yourself to a truly amazing ride of your life, our range of off road racing and off road buggies are some of the most thrilling experiences around!

Off road buggy racing

Have you ever experienced off road buggy racing before? Now is the time to tick this exhilarating driving experience off your bucket list! RedBalloon offers a range of fun, action-packed buggy racing adventures that will let you feel the thrill of what these machines can do in the hands of a pro.

What is off road racing?

Off road racing is a type of racing where different kinds of specialised motor vehicles compete in off road environments (like dirt tracks, sand dunes etc). The most common type of vehicles used include buggies, 4WDs, performance cars and rally cars jus to name a few. RedBalloon offers a range of experiences so you can enjoy the thrill of off road racing just like the pros do. You’ll get to jump into the vehicle and race on off road tracks either as the driver or in the passenger seat as you let an expert take you for a spin.

What are the types of off road racing?

There are a range of off road racing experiences that take place in a variety of vehicles. You’ll find all these adventures on RedBalloon, with locations available around Australia including in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Listed people are some of the most popular off road experiences you can book and try for yourself.

Off road buggy racing

Experience the power of a V8 engine but in an off road buggy! There are plenty of amazing racing experiences available including in Colo Heights, Wanneroo, the Gold Coast, Ipswich and more locations across the country. One of our customers’ favourite experiences is the V8 buggy intro package that includes driving laps and hot laps. You’ll get to grab the wheel of a V8 race buggy for an epic off-road adventure before experiencing 2 thrilling professional hot laps from the passenger seat. You’ll reach thrilling speeds and if you’re quick enough you may get airborne… talk about an adrenaline rush!

Off road 4WD racing

One of the best places to experience a 4WD off road race is at Lara in Geelong. Here you can find a variety of packages that let you experience the rare chance of racing in an extreme 4×4 on ‘rock crawler’ tyres. One of our top-selling experiences is the 4WD adventure drive with hot laps. You’ll learn from a professional driver what these amazing vehicles are capable of before getting behind the wheel for the ride of your life. Negotiate tricky obstacles on the 4 purpose built courses and bring your friends along for a ride they’ll never forget!

Dune buggy racing

During a dune buggy racing experience (also known as a beach buggy), will see you hit the sand dunes and beaches for an adventurous drive! One of the best ways to experience this is with the quad bike sand dune safari adventure from RedBalloon. Saddle up, open the throttle and off into the horizon you’ll ride as tour guides lead you cruising across the mountainous, adrenaline-inducing dunes of Stockton Beach.  Better yet gather your friends and experience it together, including exploring the famous Stockton sand dunes whilst challenging yourself riding up and down the dunes.

Driving experiences

If you loved our exhilarating off road racing adventures, discover our entire range of driving experiences. There are plenty of action-packed options to choose from including V8 hot laps, quad biking, go karting, luxury car hire and so much more. You’ll find the perfect driving activity near you with experiences available across the country.

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