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Motorbike rides

Whatever your bike of choice, learn the tricks of the trade from the experts with our motorbike rides. Race around one of Australia's most exciting tracks on the back of your own bike or go on a guided motorbike tour. These are the perfect Christmas ideas for men or Father's Day gifts for Dads who'd love to try an exhilarating experience.

13 Results
13 Results

Motorcycle tours and hot laps

If you’re after the thrill of a lifetime, there is no other feeling in the world then having the wind in your hair as you fly down the road on a motorbike. Whether you’re after hot laps, a tour, Harley Davidson rides, want to experience a track day or anything between you’ll find what you’re looking for with our range of motorbike rides. On RedBalloon, you’ll find some of the best motorbike experiences on offer perfect for those looking to see the sights or those wanting to put their skills to the test on a track. It’s time to add experiencing motorbikes and all their power to the top of your list! With our range of motorcycle tours and rides, you’ll find an experience to meet every biker enthusiast level.

Motorcycle rides are also the perfect gift ideas for those who are up for an exhilarating experience and aren’t afraid of two wheels! No matter what the occasion – a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or anything in between, they will be truly surprised and delighted at being able to jump on the back of a motorbike and enjoy the rush of racing around the track or experiencing a sightseeing tour in style.

Motorbike experience

If you’ve never been on a motorbike before, you’re missing out on a truly exhilarating experience. RedBalloon offers a variety of motorbike experiences from scenic tours and sidecar rides to hot laps and track days. No matter if you’ve never ridden a motorbike before or you’re a pro, there is a motorcycle experience for you!

What is riding a motorcycle like?

If you’ve never ridden a motorcycle before, you might be wondering what it feels like. It is a thrilling experience that will include a combination of exhilaration, freedom, fear, adrenaline and joy. Although it can be very nerve-wracking the first few times you take on motorbike riding, the more you practice the more relaxed you will become. Eventually any feelings of nerve, fear or anxiety will be swapped for excitement and enjoyment.

Motorbike rides near me

If you constantly find yourself asking ‘where are motorbike rides near me’, simply jump onto RedBalloon to find a variety of experiences in a number of locations around the country. You’ll find motorcycle experiences in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

Where is the best place to ride a motorcycle?

There are plenty of amazing locations to enjoy a motorcycle ride, depending what type of experience you are after. You can enjoy scenic rides in a number of locations but if you are after a racetrack experience, we recommend Broadford, Victoria. Here you can enjoy a motorcycle track day on your own bike. Have you ever wanted to ride your motorbike as fast as you can with no risk of a speeding fine? This motorcycle track day is your chance! Riding in graded groups, you get to ride your bike as fast as you can on one of the best race circuits in Australia. At Broadford, you can also enjoy a Kawasaki motorbike thrill ride. Choose either a Ninja 300, ZX6 or ZX10 and test its limits without worrying about speed cameras. Feel like a racer with everything you need included for an adrenaline fuelled race and hot laps around the track. If you ever find yourself asking ‘where are motorbike rides near me’, then Broadford should definitely be at the top of your list.

Harley Davidson tours

Have you always dreamed of riding on a Harley Davidson? Now is your chance with the range of Harley Davidson tours and rides available on RedBalloon. These bikes are perfect for scenic tours and cruising around on in style. Their sleek style and design will have people turning heads as you speed past during your Harley ride whilst experiencing a sense of freedom!

What are the best Harley Davidson rides?

If you don’t know which Harley Davidson motorcycle ride to choose, we have picked out some of our customers’ favourites to help make it easier.

  • Harbour Bridge blitz trike tour for 2 people: you and a friend will discover Sydney’s principal scenic attractions from the back of a trike. Explore the breathtaking views of the Harbour, Opera House and Bridge complete with leather jacket, gloves and helmet. You’ll feel like a proper biker at the end of the day. It’s the perfect motorbike experience if you’re looking to explore a city in a fun, unique or thrilling way.
  • Harley Davidson Brisbane tour: climb onto the back seat of a Harley motorcycle and take off on a 30 minute tour around Brisbane. From your seat in the open air you will get to fully experience the city on a sensory level. A Harley Davidson motorcycle tour is an excellent way to sightsee and have a blast at the same time.
  • Harley Davidson Manly and northern beaches tour: You’ll feel the rumble of the engine and wind in your hair as you conquer iconic Sydney sites in style. Your local guide will pick you up from Manly and help you don your leather jacket. Heads will definitely turn as you ride on by in this one of a kind tour.

Driving experiences

Discover these motorcycle rides plus plenty more with the entire RedBalloon range of driving experiences. From V8 racing to rally driving, and quad biking to go karting, you’ll find the perfect, thrilling experience for you!

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