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Find a massage that'll make you go 'mmm'. Eyes closed, your body being soothed and indulged, your mind floating away - who wouldn't be happy with a massage like that? If you're looking to spoil someone else, why not gift them a message voucher from RedBalloon and let them unwind with the ultimate relaxing experience. Our range of massage therapies include all Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. These are also the perfect Valentine's Day, Christmas and Mother's Day gifts for someone in need of some time-out.

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Massage packages and vouchers from RedBalloon

You know when you’re at your desk or the steering wheel and you start rolling your head from side to side? Is the perfect sign that your body is crying out for a massage. The good news is, you can always count on RedBalloon to snare the best deals around your local area so you don’t have to search too long to find some well-deserved massage therapy.

What is the best massage?

This really depends on you, your body and what you need. Think about the various activities you’ve been doing the past few days or weeks. How are you feeling? Are your muscles feeling all knotted up and tight? Can you identify different areas that are in pain or tender? There are so many types of massage, so don’t worry if you’re confused about which one will suit you most. Massage techniques vary so much within each practice too, so if you’re not exactly sure if the practitioner who works on your muscles is the right one for you, don’t discount the clinic entirely. Try another practitioner before making your mind up – you’ll be very surprised just how wide and varied massage techniques in one practice can be!

But firstly, what are the benefits of massage?

It’s really quite surprising what massages can do for your body and continue to do in the hours proceeding a session. The obvious is reducing muscle tension. And if we can be honest, with more and more of us addicted to our smartphones busy suffering from FOMO, or generally stuck at desks or doing any kind of repetitive task on the field in every kind of industry, we’re all likely to feel stiff at some point. A niggling bit on one side of your back. Your right hip feeling a little off, or your calf muscles constantly cramping – actually on second thoughts, if you’re cramping then this may not necessarily be related to massage therapy but a lack of magnesium instead. Maybe combine the two? Good reason to pump up the leafy greens anyway. Other benefits of massage include improved circulation, reduction of stress hormones, stimulation of lymphatic system and increased joint mobility and flexibility. That’s especially good news for those who find themselves physically in the same position for hours at a time – definitely in desperate need for a massage!

As we mentioned before, there are so many types of massage and with RedBalloon you can trail them all. Remedial massage as the name suggests offers to offer a remedy of sorts. Think of it as a therapeutic massage. So if there’s a specific area you’re having a problem with, this is the massage therapy for you. Swedish massage is all about long stokes combined with deep pressure point release – perfect for sporting injuries or recurring muscle injury. If a floating tank is more your thing, then you’ll want to take yourself to a massage spa. You’ll have the option to combine massage with floatation, or you could visit a day spa for a facial before popping into their spa to relax before you head home. We’ve only touched on a few types of massage. Search the RedBalloon site in your local city to find the massage that will benefit you most.

“This is one of my favourite gifts to give a new mum and you can even enjoy it at home.” – Naomi Simson, May 2021.

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