9 reasons why chocolate is always a good idea

It’s been around for centuries. Cultures around the world worship it. Business empires have been built upon it. So what is it about chocolate that melts our hearts?

1. It’s good for you

Did you know that chocolate has been proven to reduce the risk of a whole lot of health problems? It lessens the risk of stroke (especially in women) thanks to the antioxidant properties it boasts. It also aids in reducing the likelihood of heart attack and heart disease by preventing blood clots and reducing inflammation.  It may even help prevent the Big C. Cocoa contains a certain compound that interrupts the ability of cancer cells to spread. Go Team Cocoa!! And while it may seem odd, chocolate also reduces the risk of diabetes by increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin – whatever that means. But hey, we’ll chalk it up as another win for the mighty chocolate!

2. It makes you look better

Despite many people claiming that chocolate gives them acne, it’s actually good for your skin – the dark stuff at least. There are these fancy things in chocolate called ‘flavonoids’ and they protect skin (especially in women) from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But don’t go lathering yourself in melted Dairy Milk to avoid sunburn. While that may be an effective home-tanning solution (debatable), you’ll still need to slip, slop, slap with the old 30+.

3. It makes you smarter

Chocolate actually makes you better at math and strengthens the brain. Those sneaky little flavonoids are at work again, with dark chocolate shielding cells in the brain, protecting it from damage caused by stroke.

4. It gives you immortality!!!

OK, so that’s not exactly true. But eating dark chocolate has been shown to increase longevity, at least for one lucky lady. Jeanne Louise Calment lived to the ripe old age of 122. It’s said she would eat two and a half pounds of dark chocolate per week. Yikes! Harvard researchers have found that eating chocolate adds two years to your life expectancy.

5. It’s a cheap way to treat yourself - every day

Chocolate is accessible, pretty affordable (even the really good stuff), and as you’ve already read, it has a number of health benefits. So it’s the kind of treat you can enjoy every day to help get you through the day.

6. You can eat it, drink it and even wear it…

Wait, what? Wear it? If you’re picturing Lady Gaga’s meat dress, take a deep breath. Chocolate is so versatile that in 2008 a company called +41 created a range of Nike sneakers made entirely of chocolate. We’d hate to be washing their socks after a hot day.

7. It releases the same hormones as being in love

Chocolate helps the body generate a chemical called phenylethylamine (holy mouthful, Batman!). It’s the very same chemical released when you’re in love. Awww, now it makes sense why I cried for a week when they discontinued the Polly Waffle (sniffle, sniffle).  So if you’re in love with chocolate, then that’s twice the lovey dovey hormones!*

*That statement is not based in any way on scientific fact.

8. It makes women feel sexier

Chocolate affects a woman’s brain differently to that of a man. So it’s pretty much like every other thing in existence… Using MRIs it has been found that when women eat chocolate it influences the part of the brain known as the Amygdala. The Amygdala can impact emotions and sexual desire. Oh la la! So the next time you’re tearing that wrapper off your Kit Kat, you might subconsciously be undressing something else…

9. Did we mention it’s delicious?

Say no more.

So whether you chew it, sip it or dip yourself in it, chocolate is always a good choice! And with a whole host of experiences out there that allow you to sample, make and even design your own chocolates, what could be better for the heart, head, stomach and soul?