10 ways to celebrate your birthday

There's nothing like getting a year older to motivate us to go sky diving, learn how to fly a plane or ride on the back of a Harley-Davidson. So if you've got a birthday coming up, don't let it go by without doing something you've always wanted to do to celebrate. Here are 10 ways RedBalloon customers made their recent birthday's one to remember.

#1. Learned to fly a plane...

#2. Cooked up a storm

#3. Rode a Harley-Davidson

#4. Played with penguins

#5. Glided through the air and enjoyed the view from above

#6. Tested their rally driving skills and experienced a buggy hot lap

#7. Experienced the thrill and fear of skydiving

#8. Watched whales swim and play in the sea

#09. Indulged in cheese and wine tasting

#10. Mastered the flyboard

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