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Using Your Gift Voucher

  1. Booking a Date for an Experience
  2. Using a Gift Certificate or Gift Card
  3. Information About Experiences
  4. Contacting an Experience Provider
  5. Changing the Booking Date
  6. Lost Gift Vouchers
  7. Related Topics

Booking a Date for an Experience

Requesting a Date

  • Instructions for use are clearly communicated on all RedBalloon Gift Vouchers. The basic steps involved in booking a date for your experience are outlined below.
    1. Click on the 'Use Voucher' tab
    2. Enter your voucher code(s) and follow the prompts to submit a date/time booking request for your experience
    3. Print your booking confirmation email and bring it with you on the day of your experience
    4. After you submit your booking request, the experience provider will contact you within 48 hours. Should you have any specific questions/requests, you will also be supplied with the experience provider's contact details
  • Note: Most experience providers recommend you book at least three weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. You should allow more time if requesting a booking during peak times (such as weekends or holidays).

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Using a Gift Certificate or Gift Card

  • A Gift Certificate or Gift Card has a printed dollar value that can be used as currency to purchase from our website.
  • Simple steps for using a Gift Certificate or Gift Card:
    1. Browse and select your experience(s) or gift box(es)
    2. Follow the prompts to payment
    3. On the ORDER SUMMARY page enter your Gift Certificate/Card number where prompted
    4. Your Gift Certificate/Card value will be deducted from the total amount due. If required you can pay the remaining order total due or any unused value will be added to your RedBalloon Account, remaining credit will expire 12 months from the date of activation.

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Information About Experiences

Experience Details

  • Detailed information is provided for all RedBalloon experiences, such as a description of what the day will involve as well as location, duration and any other relevant guidelines/details.
  • Once you have submitted your booking request please contact the experience provider directly should you have any questions regarding your experience. If you have not yet used your voucher, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

The Weather

  • Many experiences are weather dependent. If you have any doubt about the weather suitability on the day of your planned experience, we suggest you call your experience provider on the morning of your activity.
  • All vouchers are non-refundable. However, if bad weather affects a booking it will be rescheduled at no cost to you.

Experience Restrictions

  • Certain experiences are subject to minimum age, weight, health or other restrictions. These restrictions are outlined on the relevant experience information page and also in the email of your booking confirmation. It is your responsibility to understand any restrictions prior to confirming your booking. If you are later forced to cancel due to restrictions, you may be liable for charges by the provider of your experience.

Experiences for Individuals with Sensory/Mobility Impairment

  • If an experience has been confirmed to be suitable for individuals with sensory or mobility impairment, this will be highlighted on the relevant experience information page under the heading 'Suitability Information'.
  • Should you have any concerns, it is your responsibility to contact us on 1300 87 55 00 to confirm that the experience is suitable based on your individual requirements.

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Contacting an Experience Provider

Want to Know an Experience Provider's Details Without Purchasing A Voucher?

  • RedBalloon is the leading online gift retailer for amazing experiences throughout Australia and New Zealand.

    We act as the agent for various experience providers all around the country. We, however, do not provide our experience provider's direct details until after the voucher has been purchased and/or redeemed on our website.

    If you require further information about an experience before purchasing a voucher we will be happy to call the experience provider on your behalf and find out everything you wish to know.

Contacting an Experience Provider and Already Have a Voucher?

  • After you submit your booking request, you will be given the contact details of your experience provider. They will be in touch within 48 hours. Should you have any concerns before this time, or an experience provider has taken longer than 48 hours to get in touch with you, please contact us on 1300 87 55 00.

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Changing the Booking Date

Rescheduling Due to Your Own Circumstances

  • Circumstances may arise where you are no longer able to attend your experience on the date you originally booked. If you need to change the date of your booking it does not usually attract a cancellation fee, as long as you give the experience provider plenty of notice. Please contact the experience provider directly should you need to reschedule.

Rescheduling by the Experience Provider

  • If an experience provider needs to cancel an experience for any reason (such as weather or mechanical issues), you will be notified by them as soon as possible in order to book an alternative date. You should reschedule a suitable date directly with the experience provider, whose details will have been advised to you.

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Lost Gift Vouchers

Lost Gift Vouchers

  • If a RedBalloon Gift Voucher is received and subsequently lost, the recipient may be eligible to have a replacement voucher emailed to them.
  • Conditions for replacement of lost RedBalloon Gift Vouchers:
    1. The voucher is still valid and has not yet been exchanged or used.
    2. Proof of purchase is provided; either an order number, purchaser's full name or purchaser's email address.
    3. RedBalloon is able to correctly verify you as the original recipient.
  • Please note it is the voucher recipient's responsibility to obtain and provide RedBalloon with all required verification details. Failure to do so will mean no replacement voucher can be issued.

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