Jet Fighter Introductory Flight - 20 Minutes

Ballarat, VIC

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    As you don your flight suit, slim line parachute and fighter pilot helmet you will feel like a Top Gun about to embark on a mission! For about 20 minutes feel the thrill of the 10,000 plus horsepower jet engine as it climbs through 10,000 feet in under 2 minutes at speeds of up to 900 km/h.

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    • Duration - Less than 1 Hour
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    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Imagine soaring in the skies over Ballarat, Creswick or The Grampians enjoying the view and experiencing the rush of aerial aerobatics, perhaps for the first time.

    Previously only available to military pilots or by traveling to Russia or the Ukraine, you can experience the exhilaration of your very own military style flight right here!

    As you don your flight suit, slim line parachute and fighter pilot helmet you will feel like a Top Gun about to embark on a mission. You will be strapped into position right next to the Pilot. The cabin is pressurized and climate controlled for your comfort and a clear canopy encapsulates you so that your flight is further enhanced as this unique vista passes by. Thrill to the power of the mighty jet engine as it climbs through 10 000 feet in next to no time at speeds of up to 800 kilometres per hour!

    From the moment you take off until the moment you land, your senses will be captivated.
    • A full 60-minute pre-mission briefing in and out of the cockpit including safety briefing and cockpit familiarisation.

    The experience includes:
    • Discussion and demonstration of air combat techniques and aerobatic manoeuvres that will be performed during your flight.
    • Fighter Pilot flight suit, helmet and slim-line parachute.
    • Start up & pre-flight checks, taxi to take off
    • Flight time of 20 mins including taxi time (approx 7 minutes).
    • Return to airport, land, taxi back and shut down
    • Sortie debrief and viewing of in-flight footage
    • Bonus Pack

    Plane is a British Aerospace Strikemaster.
    Video and DVD of flight available for purchase.

    PLEASE NOTE: You MUST agree to the suppliers Terms and Conditions to partake in this experience. This voucher is valid for six months from date of purchase and the flight must be booked and flown within this time period. Flights conducted outside this period may be subject to extra charges if the price of the package or fuel levy increases.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    Allow 2 hours which includes 20 minutes in the aircraft (includes taxi time of approximately 7 minutes). This experience is not available on Fridays.
    This supplier has limited capacity, please activate your voucher 4-6 weeks before you would like to do the experience.

    Numbers on the Day

    The price quoted is for one person. On the day of the experience you will need to present the voucher made out in your name and well as photo identification.


    All flights are subject to weather. Please provide us with your mobile phone number to allow us to contact you in the case of changes to the flight schedule.

    Dress Code

    Be prepared for cold weather. CLOSED IN SHOES MUST BE WORN. We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing.

    Other Info

    Bookings rescheduled 22 days prior to the flight are subject to a $50 admin fee, within 21 days prior are subject to a 10% administration fee (minimum of $100). 7 days prior are subject to a 20% admin fee (minimum of $200). Changes made on the day are subject to a 40% cancellation fee.
    ... and Importantly


    Height max 6ft 2. Weight max 110kg. It's best to eat lightly on the day and refrain from drinking alcohol for 24 hrs before the flight. Experience may be subject to a fuel levy. IMPORTANT: To participate in this experience, you are required to bring your gift voucher and photo ID.