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Driver training

Just upgraded to a more powerful car and want to ensure your driving techniques and experience are up to scratch? Know a P-Plater who could do with some help? These driver training and defensive driving courses will build confidence on the road. You'll feel like a pro in no time! With experiences in multiple locations around the country, you’ll never have to ask ‘where is driver training near me’ again!

5 Results
5 Results

Defensive driving course

Discover the best driver training and defensive driving courses on RedBalloon. These are the perfect practical experiences that will have you feeling comfortable behind the wheel in no time. Driver training isn’t just for those who have recently got their license but also the perfect courses for those wanting to upskill in defensive driving.

Looking for a unique gift idea? A driver training experience is the perfect gift for someone who has just become an adult and is still learning the ropes of driving! They are also the perfect gift idea for anyone who wants to get the driving techniques up to scratch. They’ll leave the day feeling confident and ready to handle any on road situation that gets thrown their way.

What is defensive driver training?

A defensive driving course helps improve your knowledge and skills when anticipating the dangers on the road. These driving courses are designed to teach important lessons for on-road safety, vehicle maintenance, how to avoid accidents, steering technique, emergency braking and driving manoeuvring exercises. These driving lessons are useful for both new and experienced drivers who are keen to feel more comfortable in the driver’s seat and equip themselves with the right information for any situation.

How much does a defensive driving course cost?

At RedBalloon you can find a range of defensive driving courses within your price range. Starting at $190, book a skid control lesson in your own car and test your driving ability on a real skid pan whilst learning from an experienced instructor.

What are the best driver training courses?

Discover some of the best driver training courses and maintenance workshops on RedBalloon. These are the perfect experiences if you’ve just got your licence or want to feel more confident behind the wheel. Some of the top driving courses include:

  • Defensive driving course at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne: this defensive driving course puts you in control! The road is full of hazards so spend a day learning how to avoid bad situations. You’ll practice everything from vehicle dynamics to braking technique, your own limits and most importantly, the ‘Twelve Golden Rules of Defensive Driving’. This is one of the best driving safety courses on offer.
  • Driver awareness course at Mount Cotton training centre in Queensland: this one day defensive driver awareness course is ideal for those looking for a driving safety course that will help improve their skills. Test drive a range of training cars with expert coaching from experienced defensive driving coaches. With a variety of learning tools provided, you will finish the day a safer driver.
  • Skid pan driver training in a Lotus in Mount Cotton in Queensland: skid pan driver training gives you the chance to jump behind the wheel of your own car or a Lotus Exige and learn the secrets to increased vehicle control. They’ll teach you what to do in situations to avoid injury or damage and by the end of the training session you’ll be a safer driver!
  • Defensive and advanced control driver training course at Sandown in Melbourne: do a combo of defensive and advanced driver training car control and take charge on the road! This training course is designed to keep you in control, teaching advanced dynamics theory, highway speed emergency actions and so much more. So bring your car down and let’s ride!
  • Junior driver experience at Sandown Raceway in Melbourne: this 2.5 hour junior driver experience gives your child the opportunity to learn the basics of car operation in a safe and controlled environment. Designed specifically for kids aged 12-16, the course includes both theory and practical components and is run by experienced instructors.

Are you currently asking yourself where are some ‘driver training near me’? RedBalloon offers a wide range of driver training experiences around the country with courses in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. With the variety of experiences on offer, it has never been easier to find a driving experience near you. Some of the best driving courses can be found at Sandown Raceway Melbourne, Lakeside Park Brisbane, Mount Cotton Queensland, Quakers Hill NSW plus so many more locations.

Stunt driving

Now that you’ve tackled a driver training experience, why not enjoy stunt driving! RedBalloon offers an exhilarating range of experiences from stunt driving passenger rides to learning how to drift plus so much.

Driving experiences

Discover these driving courses plus plenty more from the range of driving experiences on RedBalloon. You’ll discover a thrilling range of experiences including V8 driving, race car rides, quad biking, motorbike rides plus so much more.

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