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The culture is absolutely awesome. Everyone is free to be themselves…lots of banter, games and stuff. But when it comes to the crunch we know how to put our heads down and get work done. We know when to play, we know when to work.

Michael joined RedBalloon in August 2016 and is now part of the Big Red Group (BRG) tech team. As Tech Lead he brings a level of pragmatism to the group - making sure decisions make sense for the business as well as his team of developers. He's really interested in the ecommerce and marketing side of the BRG and is focused on building his knowledge in those areas and having an impact on how the business moves forward. Michael says he's excited about the focus the business has on modernising and adopting new and best practices constantly.

Michael is the tech team lead - a fun loving joker who keeps the team aligned with business priorities

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