Cool tech with a purpose

Meet the team

I’ve always wanted to do cool tech, but cool tech with a purpose - and that’s what I feel RedBalloon gives me.

Matt joined RedBalloon in 2016. He’s a developer with a keen eye for design.

I have a lot of fun here, we also get to do a bunch of RedBalloon experiences together. We’ve been skydiving, and drift racing in the last year - that’s been a real bonus. My favourite experience was skydiving to break a Guinness World Record, dressed as Santa! I always wanted to be with a company where I could believe in the end goal. Here, experiences enrich people's lives - I feel like it’s cool tech with a purpose.

I was referred by a friend for this role, so came in and had a chat with our head of employee experience and then had an interview with the tech lead. There was a test as part of the recruitment process where I had to design a booking system for a restaurant. The whole process only took a week.

Front End Java Developer Matt shares why he loves working for the Big Red Group

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