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I first started as a Christmas Casual in the RedBalloon Customer Experience Team in September 2015. In May 2016 I applied for a role with Redii to head up their Customer Service Team, and so off I went on my journey to helping create great workplaces.

Tell us about your career progression at the Big Red Group...

Having being hired as a Christmas casual in Customer Experience I knew there was a chance my contract would come to an end, so I applied for a position within Redii to head up their customer service team. Within two months of starting at Redii I took on the role of Customer Success which involves finding the right clients, bringing them on board and helping them create great places to work through recognition and rewards.

Tell us about the interview process for your role at RedBalloon

I had a one-on-one interview and then a few days later I received the call that I got the job! It was straighforward, fast and simple. I felt super welcome in the interview and knew it would be all good things from there. And I was right.

What's the biggest challenge you've had at work?

Having to make the decision to stick with RedBalloon as a Customer Experience casual (with no guarantee that a full time position would come available), or take the risk to move into Redii and progress my career with a new group of people I didn't know. That was probably the scariest decision, moving away from what I knew and what I loved. But my fear was unfounded because Redii is also a great place to work.

How does Redii stack up against other places you've worked previously?

I knew that customer happiness was such a key part of my role at RedBalloon; ensuring all employees were happy and comfortable in their roles. RedBalloon and Redii both recognises that if their employees are happy, so are their customers - and that is something I have never been witness to in any other organisation. That for me was also the main reason I took the position with Redii - I was on the receiving end of recognition and rewards at RedBalloon and so I wanted to use my experience to help others create great places to work where employees are happy and in turn deliver great experiences to their customers.


What are some of your favourite memories from working as part of RedBalloon and Redii?

The customer facing challenges of working in customer experience; although hard at times, the best part of it was the level of support the team leaders provided. The fact that I felt like family is also something that I hadn't had in previous jobs. And let's face it, the wonderful perks of the job -the team bonding, the awesome experiences I got to be part of and the friends I have made.

What is one piece of advice or wisdom you would share with anyone considering a role at RedBalloon?

Buckle in because it's a hell of a ride but it is totally worth it. You must be ready to face challenges that you may not like (as with any organisation), and be able to take on and give feedback where warranted. YOU are the only person that controls how your career progresses, YOU are the one that makes the choices and it's up to YOU to allow the Big Red Group to support you on this ride.