By RedBalloon for Business

As this year draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the changes it’s wrought. We like to look on the bright side and, it must be said, some of these changes have been welcome – particularly when it comes to how we live and work.

Society has embraced the notion of ‘humanity’. We’re being kinder to one another. There is a renewed sense of togetherness – even when we’re forced apart.

Workplaces have been challenged, but good businesses know that different circumstances demand different responses. The ‘same old’ approach won’t cut it anymore. Culture is everything.

Here we look at ways businesses can be more agile, creative and inclusive – something we should all be working towards. And give you some great ideas on how to celebrate this end of year.

Whether it’s pondering Bernard Salt’s theories in our fascinating ‘The Experience of Work’ white paper, or discovering how artisans can band together to create something larger than themselves, there’s a renewed focus on the idea of agility and evolution in business.

It’s about moving forward. Changing. And, ultimately, growing.

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