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How we can help you reward your amazing employees

There’s no question that rewarding hard-working employees is the best way to build a sense of inclusion; of fraternity and goodwill within any workplace. Everyone likes to feel as though their efforts are noticed and appreciated. Everyone enjoys the occasional pat on the back.

We’ve found that, while cash incentives are always welcome, the gift of an experience goes even further toward making someone feel valued and special at work. Why? Because emotions are triggered and lasting, positive memories are created. Engaging people in this way is simple and it can pay off in spades (A mere 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth the following year – source, Aon.)

If you want each individual person in your team to feel not only valued but included…if you want them to sense that they’re truly connected to your brand, and to your collective endeavours, a RedBalloon experience can really help cement things.

Employee motivation and employee recognition form a huge part of what we do. By rewarding employees, you’ll not only likely to keep them happy but to keep them with you. With employee retention a common issue for business, it makes sense to use all the tools at hand to keep your work culture balanced and morale high.

Talk to RedBalloon for Business about the (literally) thousands of unforgettable ways you can motivate, recognise and reward your valuable employees.

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