Take the hint this Father’s Day

by Elisa Parry

Gift dad an experience that will knock his socks off! Every year Father’s Day rolls around and every year we’re all faced with the same conundrum. What does Dad really want? If you’re lucky, your dad might drop the occasional hint here and there. Have you noticed any suspicious behaviour of late? Has he been wearing his scuba gear while washing the car? Trying to read the paper through his helmet? This year it’s time to take the hint and gift dad an experience that will knock his socks off. From flying and driving experiences to once-in-a-lifetime adventures, give Dad an experience he’ll never forget. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Series of plates from Sake Restaurant
Share a meal with Dad

If your dad is a foodie we have a range of fine dining experiences guaranteed to treat his taste buds. From an Italian inspired seafood degustation to a Chef’s Table experience, gift Dad to a delicious night out with the family. Looking for something out of the ordinary? How about a seaplane flight with dinner lunch at Jonah’s or a BBQ boat cruise down Adelaide’s River Torrens?

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Raise a toast to Dad

Has your dad mastered the art of homebrew yet? If he’s struggling to get the formula right, a brewery tour, or a brew your own beer experience could be the perfect gift choice this Father’s Day. If he’s more of a wine man, gift him the chance to explore his favourite wine region, or go all out with a wine blending experience.

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Warbird plane flying over Hobart
Send Dad up, up and away!

Every little boy wishes they could fly. Turns out, the dream doesn’t go away the older they get. Gift your dad the chance to spread his wings. If he’s up for the thrill, gift him the opportunity to jump out of a plane and skydive. If he’d prefer to take in the sights, you’re better off opting for a helicopter or joy flight.

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Help Dad become a pilot

Would your Dad prefer to be in the pilot’s seat? Gift him a flying lesson where he can take over the controls while learning from the experts. If you think he’d like to practice a little more before taking to the skies, start him on a simulator and he can work his way up to the real thing!

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Man standing in front of V8 race car
Give Dad the gift of speed

Is your dad a bit of a lead foot? Chance are he’s itching at the chance to cut laps around the race track. The good news is, we have loads of thrilling driving experiences to choose from. How does driving four laps in a V8 race car around Mt Panorama sound? If he’s more of a laid-back Sunday driver, a Ferrari joy ride could be a great option?

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Send Dad on an off-road adventure

We should mention some of our driving experiences involve a lot of dust and dirt! Would your dad love an off-road buggy experience? Or how about a stunt driving course? He’ll feel like he’s straight out of a James Bond movie!

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Rollercoaster with family
Spend time with Dad

When it comes to the subtle hints Dad may or may not give you in the lead up to Father’s Day, the most important thing not to miss is the fact that he just wants to spend time with you! Going on an adventure together is the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. Whatever experience you choose, you can’t go wrong if it’s one you can share together.

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View our full Father’s Day gifts range HERE.

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