Adrenaline Experiences for Dad

by Melissa Thompson-Pettitt

This Father’s Day don’t just give Dad another drill to add to his collection, blow him away with a thrilling RedBalloon experience that he’ll be talking about for years to come. Such as...

...tearing around a racetrack in V8 supercar

Give Dad heart-racing thrills of driving a V8 supercar. Over multiple spectacular laps around a professional racing circuit, your dad will sharpen his driving skills under instruction from an in-car driving expert, hitting speeds of up to 200kph. This is the perfect gift for any dad that considers his driving ability to be on par with Russell Ingall’s. You’ll have to stop him putting his newly polished driving skills to test on the school run!


...the feeling of freedom with a skydiving experience

Skydiving is the ultimate bucket list experience and if jumping from a plane is top of your dad’s wish list, then it’s time you let him cross it off. As the red light switches to green, it’s go time for Dad! Jumping from a height of up to 15,000 foot, whether over a valley, beach or harbour, Dad will experience exhilaration and views like never before. However, Father’s Day shouldn’t be about testing Dad’s nerve so if he’s terrified of heights, give him an indoor skydive, for the same thrills without the leap of faith.


...the thrills and spills of off-road quad biking

A classic escapade that every man should experience, quad biking has been bowling Dads over for years. A fully-guided quad bike tour will take Dad off the beaten-track, through the bush or over sand dunes. He’s sure to get just a little bit dirty on this experience, while taking in some stunning scenery along the way. It's the perfect gift for any adventure-seeking Dad.


...being in the pilot's seat

Let Dad fly high this Father’s Day with a RedBalloon flying experience to truly remember. This isn’t just a joy flight, but the opportunity to live the dream of sitting in the pilot’s seat of a light aircraftTiger Moth biplane or helicopter. Fire-up the engine, take control of take-off and fly! You''ll have to remind Dad not to get distracted by the views of his home city, after all, he is the pilot and has an important job to do!


...the thrills and spills of driving a V8 buggy

These things looks like they’ve dropped out of a Mad Max movie scene, and Dad can drive one at breakneck speed around a dirt track. Put the pedal to the metal over a purpose built jump and air time is almost guaranteed, (if he’s brave enough). Receive tips on control, drifting, racing and of course, how to get as muddy as possible! Any son or daughter hoping to get into the good books will certainly be on the right track with a V8 buggy experience.

...a fun jetpack & flyboard experience

Your dad is guaranteed to have fun taking part in this new and exciting water sport. With specially designed thrust nozzles strapped tightly to his feet or on his back, Dad will be airborne in no-time, learning how to manouver. He’ll impress you with his new moves - a flip, a spin or even a dive below the surface of the water. A jetpack or flyboard experience is as close to being Iron Man as Dad will ever get, so don’t let him miss out on being part of the Avengers dream team for one day.


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