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About RedBalloon

RedBalloon is all about enriching experiences. For 20 years, we have been bringing people together. We connect customers and businesses to more than 5,000 different experiences that we hand pick for our audiences. A home-grown success story, we continually evolve, learn and adapt.

We live by our values, and our purpose being ‘to shift the way people experience life’ extends to the people that work with us.

RedBalloon was founded in 2001 by Naomi Simson, who some may know from her four seasons as the ‘Red Shark’ on Shark Tank Australia.

RedBalloon is now part of the Big Red Group, founded in 2017 by Naomi Simson and current  CEO David Anderson in 2017. The business has continued to grow and serve more than 7 million experiences to people across Australia and New Zealand.

Putting experiences to workPutting experiences to work

Our Goal

Serve a fully sustainable experience every second, somewhere on Earth, by 2030. 

When we grow – so do the small businesses we represent. 

Even through these tough times, RedBalloon continues to be a thought leader, employer of choice and committed to improving employee experience at work. 

Life at RedBalloon

At RedBalloon, you are part of a much bigger enterprise – with brands across consumer and business to business markets employing nearly 100 growth professionals, working to deliver an experience every second. We pride ourselves on our depth of expertise and provide a unique and long-term pathway for career professionals to grow with us. Employee Recognition and Career Growth are at the core of our employee framework. We stay connected to our roots, and always work to amplify the great work our team does in living our values.

1. Why we do what we do


Our co-founders speak about what ‘Make Every Moment Count’ means to them.


2. How we do it

We’re committed to the growth, development and inclusion of all team members, staying connected to our colleagues in a number of ways.

  • Our company-wide Town Hall meetings have moved from a monthly to a bi-weekly event – allowing teams and team members right across BRG to connect more often, even when remote.
  • David Anderson, our Group CEO shares a weekly business performance and key project update to the entire team, so we all know how the business is tracking and how we are contributing to the growth of the experiences market.
  • We’ve also changed how we meet for team meetings and one-on-one’s, using a combination of online calls and in-person catch ups at our Sydney headquarters.
  • We’ve harnessed technology, with a new 100% cloud-based work platform allowing our team to work from anywhere with a good internet connection, while having access to everything they need.


3. Where we do it

Work is something we do rather than somewhere we go, so at RedBalloon we can work anywhere. We provide a physical office, while still offering flexible work arrangements.

Our beautiful 5-star energy rated, award-winning new space at 5 Martin Place in Sydney CBD brings together our community. It’s a place to host events, collaborate, learn, socialise and, of course, work.

Each of our team members have the choice of how to use the space. They can:

  • Have a permanent desk for full time office work
  • Book a desk if taking a hybrid approach (regular days per week)
  • Primarily work remotely and use the space when they need to

We continue to offer Experiences@Work, a dedicated People & Culture initiative bringing our teams together to participate in the experiences we offer our customers on RedBalloon. It gives teams a chance to connect again, and brings us closer to our Experience Partners, getting a real sense of how we shift the way people experience life.

The results have been stunning, our Employee Pulse Survey received the highest ever recorded scores related to Confidence in our Senior Leadership Team, the Growth Strategy of our group, and how productive we all feel.

We shift the way people experience lifeWe shift the way people experience life

Working for the Big Red Group

RedBalloon is a member of the Big Red Group stable of brands, the leading provider of experiences in Australia and New Zealand. We’re always hiring, and a list of our available roles can be found all in one place.  

Be part of the Big Red Group and shift the way people experience life.

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How the big red balloon came to be

Balloon Aloft’s Matt Scaife flying our big red balloon.

Some memorable moments from the BRG

When we’re not working, you can find us breaking World Records, enjoying a 70’s themed company celebration, spending weekends rally driving, on cruises, at theme parks and attending foodie festivals. There’s rarely a dull moment at RedBalloon, with plenty of laughs and great stories created every day.

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With RedBalloon having more than twenty years of experience creating and serving millions of experiences, stories and conversations to customers across Australia and New Zealand, we know how to put experiences to work for thousands of clients in millions of different ways.

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