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Our RedBalloon Values

We call ourselves 'RedBallooners' but what does that mean? We say that we are different, special, not like other businesses, a sea change for our new team members. But what makes it like this?

It comes back to who we are as an organisation and the values that we live by. It was from the feedback and stories that we shared about the people who worked at RedBalloon that ultimately began to give substance to the notion of our values.

  • Integrity
  • Generosity
  • Leadership
  • Sense of Humour & Fun
  • Little Dog with a BIG dog personality!
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What creates our Employee Experience at RedBalloon?

WELCOME - We love to wow our candidates and newbies through our welcome process as it paints a picture for who we are. Our values underpin everything we do and recruitment is no exception. Our buddy program, welcome inductions and monthly employee experience catch-ups ensure inclusion from the very beginning!

FLOW - A flow of effective communication across the business is key to ensuring everyone is aligned and understands the 'what, why and how' we deliver on our purpose. There is transparency across the business and all key messages are communicated through our meeting rhythm.

TOOLS - It's all about providing our people with the right tools and space to do the job! Our open plan office, company library and places to 'think' all create an environment where our people can relax, create and innovate.

GROW - We ensure performance is measured, challenged and stretched through trimesterly performance reflections, personal promises, our leadership development program, Lunch n' Learns and exploring Gallup Strengths and HBDI profiles.

APPRECIATE - We know our people and we work endlessly to create an environment to reward and recognise them! The key to making it work is being spontaneous and creating an element of surprise - we do this through famils, company-wide celebrations, team events and our Red Hot Rewards program.

WELLNESS - We provide a sense of balance between the 'inside' and 'outside' of work. We create opportunities for our people to volunteer and we encourage them to engage in our RedBallooner wellness program, which includes yoga, personal training and flu shots. Our people truly embrace our flexible workplace.

Life as a RedBallooner

To find out more about our teams, our people and what life is like as a RedBallooner visit us on Flickr or Instagram.